Outdoor accessories

Sometimes, the simplest tool or accessory could be exactly what you need in the moment. When you’re off on a hiking trail or camped in the wilderness, this is especially true. It’s why GSM Outfitters LLC takes pride in bringing our customers a massive selection of hiking accessories in Sevierville, TN. We’ll make sure you’re prepared for whatever the wild throws at you.
You might have all of the major gear you need—apparel, backpack, tent, etc.—but do you have all of the accessories you might end up relying on? Don’t start your adventure without ensuring you’re fully equipped.

Hiking & Camping Supplies

If you’re spending any amount of time out on the trails, make sure you’re packing a few simple accessories. Extra shoelaces, knives, a rain poncho, water filter and more are all low-key items that make a big difference. We stock all of these items and more, to ensure you’re prepared for any eventuality.

Our selection of accessories is designed to support hikers of all types, from beginner adventurers to trail trekker covering hundreds of miles. Plus, we support both men and women with unique accessories—including men’s and women’s hiking boots in Sevierville, TN.

Planning on doing some camping? Make sure you’ve got all of the little accessories that you’re sure to need overnight—from lanterns and lights to cookware and fire starter materials. We’ve got products designed for safety, convenience, comfort and more, to ensure you’re the best-equipped camper under the stars. You'll also find items like hammocks like Eno, first aid kits, Adventure Medical Kits, or even fanny packs, we have you covered.

Need some advice on what to bring out on the trail with you? Talk to our experienced hikers today and be sure to ask questions! We’re happy to provide advice, suggestions or recommendations for products we ourselves have used and enjoy.

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