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Jul 07, 2023 »

If you are at home planning your next adventure and need something. Check out our new online store. There is a drop down in the upper right of this page next to "photos".  We use the online store for clearing and making space in our store. Lots and lots of merchandise is discounted and are great deals. Get everything you need for hiking, outdoors or around town.

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Apr 22, 2023 »

Spring and summer in The Smoky Mountains will be awesome. We have had one of the warmest wettest winters on record. The wildlife, foliage, and wildflowers are early this year. Black bears started their spring habits in February. Synchronous Fireflies will be in mid-May not June (stay tuned for more information). Hopefully we will have a dry week for it. With the conditions we experienced in winter there will be some concerns that you may not expect in a normal year. The water tables are high so…

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Finding Peace Jun 23, 2022 »

One thing that brings peace to a lot of people we know are things that don't change. The mountains, streams, wildlife and the quiet you experience in nature does not care about gas prices, inflation, politics, or any other human stressful issue. You can go into the National Park today and it cost nothing to go for a walk in the woods. Nothing is more memorable or healthy when it is time to decompress. We help people daily achieve these experiences. If you would like to take a break from the…

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