Galen Bradley
Being born and raised in eastern Ohio, I made my first trip to the Smokies in 1974 for our honeymoon. After many more trips over the years, and a few hikes, we thought this area would be a great place to retire.

I retired as a Construction Superintendent on Industrial construction for a company in West Virginia. In January of 2015 I made the permanent move to Wears Valley.

Not wanting to just sit around I started hiking and running. In September of 2019 I completed all the trails in the Smokies to become a "900 Miler." I have also participated in numerous Run Disney events in Florida, California and Paris, France. I also have participated in many area runs.

I love taking friends and family into the mountains so they can enjoy them as much as I do. I look forward to sharing them with you on your next visit to the Great Smoky Mountains.

Tammy Brown
Tammy is one of our guides. Tammy first got interested in hiking and the outdoors when she was trying to lose weight. She lost 150 pounds roaming all over the Smokies. She lost the weight, but kept her love of hiking. She decided to take on the task of hiking every trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. She did it—and became what is known as a 900 miler.

She loves being in the mountains and finds they bring her peace. The stress and worries of everyday life seem to go away on a trail. She doesn’t care if it’s a 5 mile hike or a 20 mile hike—she just loves being out there.

She is a storyteller and loves the history of the Smokies, so be prepared to laugh and have a good time no matter how easy or hard the trail might seem. Tammy looks forward to joining you on your next adventure!

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