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Welcome to GSM Excursions
GSM Outfitters is proud to have launched GSM Excursions. We offer unique, memorable, fun hikes into the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Our guides will take you into some of the most beautiful, interesting places you have ever seen. They will share their knowledge and experience to provide one of the best National Park experiences you will ever have. All the while taking photos along the way. Instead of just selfies and snapshots, you will be provided a link to high-resolution photos from various vantages. Some photos will be posted, some candid and some will be stunning landscapes. After the hike, you will be emailed a dropbox link in which you can download the photos. There is no extra charge for the photos so you can print, process or do whatever you like with them.

GSM Excursion customers will be issued a discount card for GSM Outfitters (good for one week) The card will entitle them to 20% off (discounts cannot be combined) at GSM Outfitters for 7 days from the time they check-in for their hike. All hikes will be 10 or fewer people so you will be provided good service and the attention you deserve from our guides. The guides for the trail excursions will all be 900-mile club guides. This means they have hiked every trail in The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina. It is a great verification of their passion and experience! GSM guides are all SOLO Wilderness First Aid certified as well as certified in CPR in the unlikely event something goes wrong. Call (865) 206-4056 for more information.

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