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Spring to Summer… Warm Days in the Smoky Mountains!

Spring to Summer... Warm Days in the Smoky Mountains!

Spring and summer render so much in the Smoky Mountains. From wildlife viewing, scenic overlooks, wildflowers to waterfalls. There is no shortage of awe-inspiring views and experiences to have here.

Anyone that needs help planning or needs clothing or gear just come into GSM Outfitters. We have firsthand knowledge of the trails and can offer a plethora of ideas and suggestions to make your time in the mountains memorable and fun!

If you want information on black bear protocol as well as other information regarding wildlife in general, we are always happy to help. Some recommended gear could include bear spray, whistles, horns, or bells. Often this type of gear becomes multifunctional and is nice to have for other purposes.

Photography has always been a big component of our personal experience at GSM Outfitters. This is something else we can advise on. The best places and the best times as well as conditions make all the difference when composing photos.

Obviously at GSM Outfitters our passion is hiking. We love to both help and hear about your experience and again we have everything you need. From insect repellent to trekking poles to backpacks to boots/shoes/sandals to clothing to hats and everything in between. Come in and see us. We look forward to meeting you and providing expert advice and information on less traveled stunning places in the National Park. Keep in mind if you would like a guided hike, we do offer that service.

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