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Fall In the Mountains

Fall In the Mountains

One of the most popular times to visit Eastern Tennessee is late October and early November. The color change is amazing and renders views that are only available once a year. It is more than the views, it is time to say goodbye to summer and hello to crisp cool clean air. It is a relaxing quiet time to reflect before the holidays start. In the Great Smoky Mountains the thing that often isn’t realized about fall colors is the fact that it goes on for so long! When we get our first cooler temps in lower elevations, it sometimes does not occur to folks that in higher elevation it has already been freezing. So with just a short drive up some taller mountains you can experience stunning colors, while in the lower elevations it is still predominantly green. As the season progresses so do the colors in the lower elevations. Which often times translates into 4 weeks of color in the mountains. Falling leaves makes trails softer and sometimes easier to hike on. It also makes wildlife viewing easier since you get to use your ears and well as your eyes. As stealthy as black bears can be they are no match for forest floors peppered with autumn leaves. Fall is generally drier than some of the other seasons so planning on getting out in the woods and not having to worry about getting wet is always nice. Should it rain, be very careful as the leaves can become very slippery. Good waterproof hiking boots are a must! If you are looking for places to go or are in need of clothing or gear please keep GSM Outfitters in mind. We are always here to help. Also, if a hot cup of made to order coffee, tea, latte, chai, soda, espresso or a cappuccino are required to start the process, don’t forget about GSM Outfitters Coffee Café. We also are a great source for Wildflour Bakehouse goods. Cinnamon rolls, Napoleons, Brownies, Muffins and Danish just to name a few. Be sure to stop in and see us even if it is to just say hello.

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