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Chaco Sandals

​Chaco Sandals

GSM Outfitters is proud to sell Chaco Sandals. Chaco Sandals are comfortable, durable and stylish. The fact that each Chaco Sandal is custom fitted to each customer makes them incredibly comfortable and supportive. Chaco is also famous for how long they last! We have had customers in our store wearing Chaco Sandals that are 15 years old. Because of the durability Chaco has no problem standing behind their product with a lifetime warranty.

Toe or not to toe? We have you covered. GSM Outfitters has one of the largest selection of Chaco Sandal in Eastern Tennessee!

If you are tearing through streams, trails or just knocking around. Chaco sandals make everything more fun!

GSM Outfitters has a large selection of Women’s Men’s and Kid’s!!!

3275 Wears Valley Road Ste B Sevierville TN 37862

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